Guitarheads - Gold Rush Single Coil

The GuitarHeads Gold Rush Single Coil is is full of classy looks, as each pickup is fitted with 6 Gold Adjustable Pole Pieces, which allow for a balanced string attack. This Full Range pickup is rich in tone, and provides beefy lows, enhanced harmonic response, and tons of sustain. The Middle Position model is Reverse Wound, and has a Reversed Polarity, so when used as a set, these pickups will have hum cancelation in positions 2 & 4. The Gold Rush Single is driven by Dual Anisotropic Ferrite Magnets (a High-end Ceramic) for low noise operation, and is also Wax Potted for Microphonic Suppression. These pickups also feature removable covers (available in a variety of colors), and a standard 2-Wire Conductor Lead, for easy installation. Also included are Mounting Screws & Height Adjustment Springs.