Guitarheads - Fat Pole Single Coil

The GuitarHeads Fat Pole Single Coil is both versatile & dynamic, as each pickup is fitted with 6 Oversized Pole Pieces, eliminating "drop out" when bending strings, and is compatible with both Standard or Trem spaced bridges. It's super powerful attack is accompanied by a full range EQ, with strong lows, a slightly scooped midrange for enhanced harmonic response, and a tighter high end. The Middle Position model is Reverse Wound, and has a Reversed Polarity, so when used as a set, these pickups will have hum cancelation in positions 2 & 4. The Fat Pole Single is driven by Dual Anisotropic Ferrite Magnets (a High-end Ceramic) for low noise operation, and is also Wax Potted for Microphonic Suppression. These pickups also feature removable covers (available in a variety of colors), and a standard 2-Wire Conductor Lead, for easy installation. Also included are Mounting Screws & Height Adjustment Springs.