Guitarheads - Fat Pole Humbucker

The GuitarHeads Fat Pole Humbucker is both versatile & dynamic, as each pickup is fitted with 12 Oversized Pole Pieces, eliminating "drop out" when bending strings, and is compatible with both Standard or Trem spaced bridges. It's super powerful attack is accompanied by a full range EQ, with strong lows, a slightly scooped midrange for enhanced harmonic response, and a tighter high end. The Fat Pole Humbucker is driven by an Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet (a High-end Ceramic), and is Wax Potted for Microphonic Suppression. These pickups also feature a 5 Conductor Lead, allowing you to Tap the Coils for alternate wiring. Also included are Mounting Screws & Height Adjustment Springs.