Engraved Truss Rod Cover

Personalized Text

These Engraved Truss Rod Covers are the perfect way to express yourself, and are a great addition to your project guitar. The Text is Engraved with a traditional rotary process leaving the image permanently "cut" into the plate's surface (Not Printed!). They are available in several shapes (see chart for shape options), so please measure your particular guitar to be sure you are ordering the correct plate and that it will fit correctly. These TrussRod Covers are made of 2-Ply ABS Plastics, include mounting screws, and are 100% made in the USA.

When you place your order: Use the "Personalization" box to let us know what you want your plate to say, how you want it laid out, as well as the font(s) you would like us to use. We can use any standard windows compatible font (.ttf file). Keep in mind that the more characters your text has, the smaller it will be engraved (if it becomes too small the insides of letters can "chip out"). We have a default "Block" & "Script", but if you want something specific please provide an actual font name (we will not do font matching or searching for you). If no font is specified, your plate will be made using the default "Block" lettering. If you are unsure of any details or have any questions, please contact us prior to ordering.