Guitarheads Treble Bleed

A Treble Bleed Circuit is a simple Modification used to preserve the High Frequencies when lowering your guitar's Volume Control.

When you lower your guitar's Volume control, not only does your volume level decrease, so does your tone's clarity. This leaves your tone, muddy & with too much bass. By adding this Circuit to your Volume Control Pot, your guitar will "Bleed" in more Treble as you turn the Volume Down. This will give you a much cleaner, articulate, and musical tone when backing off on the Volume control.

No extra wiring changes, as you only need to Solder the unit onto your Volume Control Pot (nothing needs to be removed, changed, or re-routed). This unit is designed to work with both Single Coils or Humbucker Pickups. Some Treble Bleed Circuits can make Single Coil Pickups too bright, but we have added an extra 100k of resistance in parallel to alleviate that (also helps smooth out the Taper of the Control Pot). These circuits are constructed with top quality "Audiophile Grade" components, and are insulated for flawless functionallity.