Artec Onboard Mod

QDD2 - 5-Stage Distortion

This is the NEW Artec Quadra Distortion Driver Unit. The "QDD 2" is a built-in distortion for Electric Guitar or Bass that has been designed to Simulate Historical Overdrive Tones. It is like having 4 of the most famous Overdrive Pedal & Tube Amp Tones, but without the "tap dancing" and tripping over cables (not to mention, cable noise). The QDD2 is an upgraded model of the original QDD. The new model is smaller in size, has improved tone models, and features a true bypass. Easy installation with any Passive or Active pickups in your Guitar or Bass (no modification needed, as it just replaces one of your tone pots). Powered by a 9v battery (1 battery can last more than 4000 hours!!!). Each unit also features a small "output level" trim pot (that is the little blue "box" mounted directly on the unit) that allows you to set the amount of gain used, to your personal taste and heaviness. You will receive the Unit itself, as it is pictured, with a Battery Clip, & Stereo Input Jack (incase the one you have on your guitar is Mono), as well as a installation wiring diagram (very easy to follow).