Artec Onboard Mod

CHB - Chorus

This is the Artec Onboard Chorus. The "CHB" is an affordable way to put Chorus at your fingertips. The main unit features a "Click-On Pot", and controls the Level of the effect. The standard CHB model also has a Rate Control "Trim Pot" mounted directly to the board for presetting a fixed speed. For Real-Time control, the CHB-A version is wired to an external control pot to adjust the Rate of the effect on the fly. Powered by a 9v battery (1 battery will last more than 15 continuous hours!!!), and compatible with passive, active, or piezo pickups, and anywhere you have an audio signal. You will receive the Unit itself, as it is pictured, with a Battery Clip, & Stereo Input Jack (incase the one you have on your guitar is Mono), as well as an installation wiring diagram (very easy to follow).