JetSlide - Finger Ring Slide

The innovative JetSlide™ guitar slide allows you to play slide guitar licks, while retaining full use of your fretting fingers for playing normal
guitar chords and solos. With the Jetslide, you won't sacrifice one of your playing fingers, as with traditional sleeve-type guitar slides. This new slide design allows you to alternate from normal chording and fingering to playing slide without any loss in musical timing. You will be amazed at the things you can do with it!

The JetSlide is designed to be worn on the ring finger as shown below. The bent portion of the slide bar rests between the flesh of the ring finger and little finger. This prevents the slide from turning excessively toward the underside of the ring finger. It also stabilizes the slide while it is being used, and helps it fall out of the way when the finger tab is released.

To use the slide, simply place the little finger on the finger tab and apply pressure as needed. Try to keep the slide straight by gently squeezing it between your fingers. The remaining fingers may be used to dampen unwanted string noise. The slide should fit your finger comfortably, like a ring. When the finger tab is released, the slide will return to the positions shown above and it will remain ready for action. You don't have to twist, move, or turn it out of the way.

Individually handmade, constructed with Stainless Steel and your choice of a 5/16 inch diameter Brass or Stainless Steel slide bar for haunting slide effects. Available in Three standard ring sizes: 8, 10, & 12. Each ring size can be opened up to the next larger size. So, for middle or half sizes, order the next size smaller (for example, 10 ½ order size 10). A slightly snug fit is preferable to a sloppy one. If you don't know your ring size you can have it checked at a jewelry store (it's Free, and takes less than a minute).