Single Coil Pickup Wiring Guide

The information on this page can be applied to our: Hex Singles, Gold Rush Singles, or Telecaster Style, or P90 Style Pickups.

Our Single Coil pickups use the most standard method of wiring. Each pickup has 2 lead wires. The Black Wire will be used as the Ground (note, on P90 Models, the Ground will be the Bare Inner Wire inside the Black). The other wire (Red, Yellow, or White depending on the model) will be the Hot Wire.

  • Bridge Position Pickups will have a Red Hot Wire.
  • Middle Position Pickups will have a Yellow Hot Wire.
  • Neck Position Pickups will have a White Hot Wire.

Here are a few common Wiring Diagrams for this style of Pickup.


For pickups with 1 coil, we recommend using Control Pots rated at 250k. For a Brighter response from your tone control, we recommend using a Tone Capacitor rated at .020µF. And for a Darker response, a Capacitor rated closer to .050µF.