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Fiber Optic LED Fret Marker System

Dark defying points of light gleam across, as Fretlord's Fret OptiX dazzles with illuminated fretboard position markers. And they are affordable for everyone! Simply peel and stick the fiber optic along the top side binding on your guitar with no modifications. Lithium Coin Cell battery included (up to 20hr of life). The Interchangeable LED color light modules inconspicuously mount w/ Velcro behind the headstock. One LED provides up to 12 points of light across a single fiber optic. A fine balance of science and genius. This is what everyone has been waiting for...

We have these available in either the Standard Fender Scale (25.5in), or the shorter Gibson Scale (24.5in). Each kit includes the Fiber Optic Strand, a Ruby Red LED Light Module, Battery, and everything else you need to mount this system to your guitar. - Retail List Price: $29.99/Set

Also available are the Quick Change Color Modules. In less than 10 seconds, you can "swap out" the LED Light Module to your choice of Deep Space Blue, Ruby Red, Radiation Green, Starlight White, or Multi-Phaser. - Retail List Price: $19.99/Ea

Fiber Optic LED Fret Marker Light System Quick Change LED Color
$19.99 $9.99